When you’re looking at your finances one of the tings that everyone is always looking at and worrying about is interest. Interest rates fluctuate depending on a lot of different factors, but getting a low interest rate is most likely the main thing you are looking to accomplish when it comes to looking at a new loan.

If you are looking to understand your interest rates and the mortgage rates you are getting quoted it is best to see things from the bank’s perspective as well. As a potential home owner you know that you will most likely have your mortgage payment as your top priority when it comes to your bills. However, while this may hold true for most, banks can’t always trust that to be true. Giving you money in order to buy a house is just one way they can use that money and so if they do that they need to be sure that they are not risking too much money on someone who might not pay. Judging by how well things like the economy is doing, how large the loan is, how long the loan is for and your credit score, the bank will determine how much interest they need to charge in order to make enough money to make the whole thing worthwhile. They may just seem like large banks, but each loan is looked at as an opportunity to properly use the institutions funds.

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The Economy

The economy is one thing that can really directly affect the mortgage rating. It is also something you really don’t have much control over. When the economy is growing well, interest rates can rise because of the demand for loans. More people need money for things they don’t have and so lending is more in demand. The opposite is of course true when the economy is bad. They want to use their funds for something and so will lend out at a lower rate. This of course depends on how well exactly you are doing in a stuttering economy though.

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Your Credit Score

Your credit score is another thing that will affect the interest rate that you are offered, but that is really its own whole thing. If you are unsure of your credit score and how it affects your mortgage rates then check out a free credit report and just remember the higher the credit score the better.

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Size and Length

How large the loan is coupled with the length of time the it is to be paid off in dictates really the rest of the interest. Long large loans and smaller shorter term loans are going have similar interests as they have a similar amount of risk over the time period. This is why loans that are incredibly long are often how those with less income or not the best credit can get a home loan. By stretching out the payments they are more likely to be able to hit the payments each month. This means that the loan is less risky for the lender and more approachable for the borrower.

Depending on the situation it may be the right or wrong time for you to take out a new loan. The important thing to remember though is that while your credit can change from your doing that is really the only thing that is under your control. The length of the loan can be changed, but it i most likely going to be close to the maximum payment you can afford to pay every month. Things like the economy though aren’t really under your control.

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