Garage doors and garage door openers are somewhat complex machines. There is an increasing amount of computerization and technology going into all sorts of appliances which is why more and more of the time we are unable to fix things ourselves. Things are becoming more complex and so fixing things like a car, which used to be a normal thing that most car owners could handle when it came to the small things, has become something that is a profession itself. Many sorts of garage door repair have become too dangerous, either for you or your garage door to really be done by a layman. This is why we call professionals for most types of repairs. However if you have a bit of a do it yourself approach to home repair then you may not be totally behind that style of repair. That is where one of the more common garage door repairs may help you feel like you can do a bit of the repairs on your own.

One thing that often wears out before anything else is the weather seal. It isn’t made out of the same stuff that the garage door is and because it is dealing with a lot of the same pressures as the garage door and needs to be flexible at the same time it is no wonder that weather seals can sometimes last only a few years. Replacing them is pretty easy but it is nearly a given that you will go through a few of them during the lifetime of your garage door.

 Why though do you need a weather seal for your garage door? There are plenty of reasons, but the main thing is that without it your garage door is a lot less productive as a garage door. According to Precision Garage Door Repair of Omaha, a garage door repair, if your garage door is insulated and you are heating and cooling your garage then you are going to be losing some efficiency by having a weather seal that isn’t quite sealing. Even if you aren’’t directly heating or cooling that bit of air flow can make a little difference to the rooms close to your garage if they share a wall or something.

The other reason you need a weather seal is to keep out the weather! The weather seal makes sure that snow, rain, and other things you don’t want in your garage, like pests or stray leaves, from coming in. A solid weather seal makes your garage more secure from little things like that which can do damage to some of your possessions, cause a mess and are just otherwise not wanted in your garage.

 The way to replace your weather seal is pretty straightforward. You’ll have to take off or cut off the old one if it is still there. Purchase a replacement from the manufacturer or online. Depending on the site of your garage door you may need to cut the weather seal to the correct size before trying to attach it. After that you will just attache it the same way that the previous weather seal was attached, whether by an adhesive or by friction fit of some sort.

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